Designed the new MrGreen free spins casino office

As you will know from reading my blogs and website I have an affinity for cottages and the style of these houses. There is something fantastic and welcoming about the design of a traditional cottage and I want to try and share this with as many people as possible!

To do this, I offer renovations, interior design, and some landscaping for homes and offices throughout the UK. I was lucky enough to work with one of the biggest gambling companies, MrGreen Free Spins casino recently to transform their office.

Their offices are based in a relatively rural area and they wanted to capture some of the rural charm. They knew of my passion for cottages and wanted to enlist my services. Read on to find out how I helped re-design their offices!

Bringing the Cottage Style to mrgreen free spins casino Offices

As I mentioned, the mrgreen free spins casino offices are in a rural area. The building is relatively old too and has a lot of character. It is not a cottage, but it shares many similar features like exposed beams and old fashioned wooden doors – even without a transformation, it looked fantastic!

The main aim of this re-design was to improve the recreational areas and make the offices more comfortable and homely for the MrGreen Free Spins staff.

Creating a cosy and gambling recreation area

The offices had several lounge rooms that needed developing. There was minimal furniture and the rooms were relatively bare. I found some traditional wooden furniture and stained it in bright colours.

Also, I added some simple features like a comfortable rug and exposed the old fireplace that had been borded-up. The recreational areas were transformed from bare rooms into inviting, warm living areas.

Lasty, due to the fact that is a gambling company we have decided to add a traditional slot machines and and blackjack table to give it a more casino vibe!

Adding character into the canteen and kitchen

Again the canteen area and kitchen were also underwhelming. They lacked character and were very bland. I injected some personality into these rooms and added a wealth of traditional decorations.

Also, I brought in a large farmhouse style wooden table complete with rustic benches for the canteen. This really complemented the traditional design of the building, but also gave the canteen a central focal point that the staff could gather around for meals.

Brightening the grounds and gardens

Finally, I tended the gardens and grounds. There were already some flowerbeds and lawns, but they had fallen into poor condition. I planted a beautiful array of colourful flowers and manicured the lawns. Also, I added some outdoor seating that the staff could use in warm weather.

Once I had finished, I feel the offices felt much more homely and comfortable! I certainly wouldn’t mind working in such a beautiful space and location.

A little about MrGreen Free Spins Casino

To finish, I want to share with you a little about MrGreen Free Spins Casino. This platform is one of the most reputable online casinos in the UK. Their website looks superb and it is based around the mysterious and suave Mr Green character.

When playing at Mr Green casino you can try out hundreds of different games. These include a large selection of slot games, traditional table games, and a cool live casino section.

Also, you can use a decent welcome bonus, and make payments quickly. If you want to check out this site for yourself, why not head on over and register an account? I had so much fun re-designing their offices, and I got to meet many of their staff. I can honestly say that MrGreen Free Spins casino looks to be a fun, friendly, and honest company.