The Cottage Style

Adopting Exterior Cottage Style

While visiting a cottage is nice, it is possible to incorporate elements of a cottage into any home to get that very same look all year round. Any house can look more like a cottage with a few changes. A well planned out walk to the house made of brick can help set off the house to everyone visiting there. The brick should be offset with decorative grasses if possible to provide more color and create a naturalistic feel for the entire property. The same is true of elements of design like putting in a front garden with flower boxes right under the windows that are renewed frequently to allow for additional color against the walls of the house. Other elements can also be added for an even more charming look that will remind the homeowner of this particular style every time they look at their house.. Placing multiple shutters against the windows can add a beautiful pop of color and make the house look even prettier from the curb. White is common cottage color. Painting the entire house white can help it look fresh and new while also bringing in yet another essential element of cottage styling.


Bringing Cottage Style Inside

Many people also look for ways to help bring cottage style inside their home. Cottage style is all about being in harmony with the landscape and creating a space that is restful on the eyes. The emphasis should be on the use of natural materials such as wood. Many homeowners choose to paint their house white in order to give it an informal and welcoming feel. White helps cramped spaces feel larger. Painting as many spaces white as possible allows the homeowner to make the most of their existing space. Wood is also important. Warmer shades of wood are preferable to help create more light in the room. Wood floors can be installed in all spaces in the house. Wood is warm on the feet and easy to care for each day. Wood is very much an element of cottage style as it is a natural material. Any homeowner should look to incorporate wood in other ways in the house. Wood ceiling beams can be polished to a high sheen to match the flooring. Wooden doors can be used in all rooms in the house and left in their natural state for even more cottage style.


Picking Out Cottage Furniture

Even if you have a flat, it is still easy to make your small space look like a cottage. Begin with the use of the right furniture. Furniture is crucial. Look for items that are plush and totally inviting. A small loveseat with thick padding can fit inside and invite conversation more easily than a larger sofa. Each piece of furniture should ideally use natural materials. Dining chairs with a wood back fit in well around a small dining table also made from polished wood. Look for items like ottomans that can double as seating inviting yet more cozy conversation spaces. Choose a low slung storage cabinet to place on the side of the dining space for even more storage space and style at the same time. Bedroom furniture should also be carefully chosen to create style that is cozy and comfortable. Wood headboards work well against warm walls and make the space inviting. Dark headboards can be painted white to go with the overall theme of the space. Side tables in natural woods also help bring the entire look together. Place a chest at the bottom of the bed for extra storage space and style.


Proper Lighting and Wall Decor

Just as important as furniture is the proper use of lighting and wall decor. Using each element well can help any person get that lovely, cozy cottage feel in any space. Natural lighting is an ideal decorating element in cottage decor. Look for ways to allow any natural light inside. During the day, use window blinds that allow light such as those made from opaque materials. A honeycomb shade design can help filter out light and offer style as well. Top with curtains in lighter shades for a look that shows off the elegant spaces inside. During the evening, lighting should be subtle to capture the low key feel of the light in night in many cottages. Use small lamps scattered around the flat to show off each corner and offer a place to read quietly. Lamps with colorful shades can help bring the outdoors inside of any home. Shades made of natural materials such as glass and fabric offer that handmade feel that is an essential part of the desired look. Wall decor is also important. Place pictures on the wall that can help bring the outdoors inside. A group of pictures of wild flowers can be framed to greet visitors. A handmade quilt can be turned into a wall hanging alive with natural materials and color. Metal sculptures on the walls also help make any space look and feel more natural.