The Look of a Cottage

Charming Landscaping

While no standard definition of the word cottage exists, in general, it can be said that cottages share certain design elements. A cottage house is relatively small space. In America, most real estate agents tell their clients that a cottage can be defined as a house that has two stories rather than the single story common to a bungalow. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. In general a cottage is said to be a smaller dwelling than a standard house. It is also a house that stands alone from other houses. A cottage will typically have a small plot of land surrounding it. The land is as much a part of the design as the actual house. A cottage usually has a front walk of some kind often made from local materials that invite people to walk inside. Many homeowners choose to plant a flower garden leading to the house, often full of color throughout the year. A typical cottage will also have trees dotting the property to provide additional shelter from the elements and perhaps ivy climbing the walls.


Well Thought Out Materials

The composition of the cottage varies around the world but certain elements remain the same. Most cottages have sloping roofs that may be made from locally available shingles or thatch. While thatching needs to renewed periodically, this type of roofing material is still used today as it offers a traditional feel that looks great against the whitewashed walls underneath. Under the roof are usually several windows that can open and close to allow people to see the rest of the property from the top bedrooms. Materials vary from place to place but many cottages use materials such as wood that are designed to keep construction costs low. The effect of the entire house is aimed at providing a harmonious home that blends in well with the rest of the land while preserving a traditional look and feel to the home.


Cottages in the United Kingdom

One place where the traditional cottage has come to life is that of the United Kingdom. Cottages in the United Kingdom have been used for centuries to house workers and allow them a small plot of land where they can raise animals and grow vegetables to feed their families. Small cottages are beloved by many Englishmen both as housing and as a way of life that helps keep them attached to the land. Even those who do not live in a cottage often look to them as a potential vacation home. Many cottages in the United Kingdom are situated in some of the loveliest areas in the country. A typical cottage is located in a picturesque area such as a forest or by a stream or next to the coast near a strip of inviting sand. A cottage is often a part of rural life in this nation. Many people try to escape from the ordinary and look to a cottage rental to allow them a chance to retreat from the stresses and strains from of big city life or the frustrations of the suburbs. Renting a cottage can be an ideal way to get in touch with a form of housing that is in harmony with nature and allows the mind and body the opportunity to rest.